Seriousness, professionalism, experience, passion. To create unique and inimitable watches, a sober and elegant design is not enough, cutting-edge materials are not enough … the secret of our watches is also within them, in the way they are designed and built: friends of the sea, because they cannot be attacked by the salt , faithful companions of the most demanding divers, because they are always reliable.


Neuchatel, 1959

Charles Von Buren created the Squale brand, a Swiss Made brand specialized in the production of automatic diver watches in the same way as real “work tools” useful for calculating dive and compensation times. With the arrival of the Squale watches Charles Von Buren was kicking off what we know today as the Professional Diving Watch.

Finding a precise, reliable, waterproof and resistant to certain depths in the 1960s was a difficult task, in those years there was no diving watch as we understand it today. Just Charles Von Buren, together with the Squale watchmakers, went in search of the perfection and reliability that the expert diver wanted to find in a wrist instrument also equipped with details that are now discounted, but at the time innovative, such as the orange and fluorescent minutes. After many functional tests performed by professional divers, the Squale brand immediately established itself as a true diver watch. The Professional Diving Watch was now born and the Squale was among its creators.

It was the start of a success story, the 60s and 70s brought to light models, still history of underwater watchmaking, which became iconic, we refer to the well-known Squale 1521, Squale 2002 and Squale Master, of the inimitable and full of charm watches that aroused the interest of the great Swiss watch brands. Just the most well-known brands of Swiss Made began to commission the production of diving watches from Squale: if a watch on the dial had the Squale logo (called VON) then it was a true reliable and safe diving watch. The characteristics of super strength and reliability that distinguished a shark were confirmed by great athletes who chose these watches to reach their records.

In this period of great success, Charles Von Buren went in search of a valiant collaborator to be helped in the development of the product and in his footsteps he met the Maggi family with whom he embarked on a partnership that turned out to be successful. Thanks to the Maggi family, the Squale brand easily entered the Italian market, a square with a high potential given the countless kilometers of coastline that surround this nation.

The Isola del Giglio (Tuscany) immediately lent itself as an enchanting setting for the execution of countless further tests that aimed to refine an already top-level watch. It was here that the Charles Von Buren family made several dives, also for cultural purposes, always wearing the splendid Swiss Squale watches. But the most important link that surrounds this wonderful brand was in this historical period, we are in the 70s when a true and sincere friendship, even extra-professional, was confirmed between the Maggi and Von Buren families. This loyal friendship made the passage of the Squale brand from the hands of Charles Von Buren to the Maggi family natural, spontaneous and completely genuine. From the 1980s on, it began to manage independently, with the approval of all the members of the Von family. Buren, the Squale brand with the sole aim of making it increasingly established. Charles Von Buren left his creation in excellent hands.

In the years that followed (80s / 90s) the Maggi family developed several models that found good success with the Italian public, but at the same time the Maggi family understood the global change that the market was experiencing. For the sake of the brand, they began working on the worldwide distribution of these watches. The Maggi family worked hard with all their resources to give Squale watches an “international breath”, reminding the market that it was a Swiss brand, manufacturer of Professional Diving Watch, with a great history behind it that always produced distinguished products. by an excellent Swiss manufacture and managed by a family that puts its passion for watchmaking first.

The work of all these years was rewarded starting from 2005, the year in which Squale watches returned to appear on the international market by riding, at first, the return of vintage as a fashion of the period. It was an immediate success, they realized that the world public still talked about Squale watches and was extremely fond of this brand which remained in all these years a point of reference in the world of diving.

To date, the goal of the Maggi family, among the few family businesses in the watch industry still present in Switzerland, is to consolidate the unique values ​​of the Squale brand: quality and reliability. Quality in materials and reliability intended as the advantage of a professional diving watch compared to a dive computer. Squale watches, in fact, support thermal shocks superior to wrist computers, do not depend on batteries, but are equipped with ultra tested and Swiss made automatic movements.


The great Swiss tradition of precision watchmaking, combined with solidity and durability: according to tradition, the case is made entirely of Swiss 316L steel.
Even the components are all Swiss: crowns, tubes and seals. These are essential details, for a watch that has to face high pressures and saltiness. The assembly is the result of the work and experience of master watchmakers, carried out with the utmost care as regards the laying of the gaskets and the hermetic closure of the case, subsequently subjected to strict controls, both for water resistance and for precision operation. The quality tests concern every single watch and not by sampling. Finally, the reliability of the movement is certified by the fact that Squale has always been a direct customer of the Grenchen ETA Factory, guaranteeing the first



Charles and Hélène von Buren found the watch factory called von Buren SA in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Soon they turned their attention to the then almost unexplored field of watches for professional divers and began to produce reliable, robust and quality diving watches under the brand name “Squale”. Their daughter Monique is involved in this experience and in testing these watches she becomes a swimming athlete and a diving expert and later a marine biologist. In 1959 von Buren SA with the ideas and supervision of Charles patents the Squale brand and produces its first patent for the construction of a diving watch case. Having a reliable diving watch was an essential component for divers.


Von Buren SA produces ever more sophisticated watches and, by inserting the Squale logo also in the dials, starts the international and commercial history of the brand. In these years thanks to the great reliability of the watches, the safety records and the international prestige, Squale sponsored many international sports competitions and was always worn by great divers such as Jacques Mayol, Enzo Maiorca, Giuliana and Maria Treleani. Squale, in this period of sporting success, has also introduced its first 1000-meter diving watch with plexiglass glass and pressure bezel, the “Master”.


The French freediver Jaques Mayol, nicknamed the Dolphin Man, was several times the holder of apnea diving records wearing Squale watches. In 1970, for example, he used a shark in Japan to reach a record -76m. Jacques Mayol (whose life was the subject of Luc Besson’s film, Le Grand Blue) lived with the von Buren family for a certain period of time during which he also practiced yoga, a practice that greatly improved his physical performance as a great job of extreme personal effort.


The Tiger model was born, which proposed itself as a professional diving watch, with the thinnest automatic mechanical movement of the Squale production. The model has been specifically designed to meet the needs of divers: the knurled bottom specially designed to prevent the watch from slipping from the wetsuit, crown protected against impact, dial with large indexes from 9 to 2 for night diving. The Tiger is the only watch in the Squale series, and one of the very few in the world, to have the function of being able to lock and unlock via the red button the bidirectional rotating bezel for calculating dive times, so as to prevent any dangerous movement accidental. Depth 300mt.