The great Swiss tradition of precision watchmaking, combined with the passion for the sea and scuba diving, were the two elements that led C. Von Büren, in the early 1950s, to deal exclusively with the construction of watches for professional diving.

Initially the “Squale” appeared on the Swiss watch cases of various brands, as a production signature and a symbol of quality.

Subsequently, in the 60s, Von Büren began to produce watches that also carried the Squale on the dial, thus beginning the institutional and commercial history of the brand. The first sporting successes, such as the Sub world championship won in Cuba in ’68, are linked to the name of now legendary products such as the medium, Master 50 atm. In the 70s the first “1000 meters” was born with elastic suspension glass and with bezel pressure, rotatable in both directions. Squale continued to manufacture for other brands and began supplying special bodies from many armies, including the Italian paratroopers of Folgore and the Sub division of the Italian Navy. For this reason, Squale has for some decades become synonymous with quality and a reference point for underwater watchmaking worldwide.